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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Montreal Canadiens Rice Krispy Jerseys

This was another one of the desserts that I made for Rich's birthday. Montreal Canadiens jerseys made out of rice krispy treats as the base, rolled fondant for the jerseys and the blue stripes, and buttercream icing for the names and numbers of the team members. 

Planning ahead is always important. Of course the site that I chose, although for the most part was accurate, included Koivu as a member of the team. I was quickly reminded by Rich's friends that he is no longer a member of the Montreal Canadiens. Whoops!  Let's just call him an honorary member for this post! At least I spelled all of the names correctly and got all of the numbers correct!

First things first, I made the delicious, ooey, gooey rice krispy treats! I used a greased cookie sheet to lay out the mixture. When making rice krispy treats cover the treats with saran wrap and use a rolling pin to flatten the treats over the saran. This spreads out the rice krispies and allows for the tops to be evened out, without sticking to the rolling pin. The flat surface makes it much easier to write on and lay the fondant overtop.

Use a greased cookie cutter to cut out desired shapes.  I was amazed by all of the ideas I found on the Rice Krispies website. However, it was next to impossible to find a t-shirt or a jersey cookie cutter in this city.  Therefore, I used a onesie cutter and cut off the bottom part to make a t-shirt.

One batch of the recipe made about 15 jerseys.

 Roll out the fondant and follow the same method to cut out the shirts.

It is customary to use buttercream icing as glue for the fondant to stick to the jerseys.  However, since they are so sweet and sticky to begin with, I skipped that step and stuck the shirts directly onto the rice krispy jerseys.

Next, use a paint brush to paint the back of each blue stripe with water to stick to the shirt.

Since I had leftover buttercream icing from the cake I used it to pipe the names and numbers onto the jerseys.  However, royal icing might have been more effective for this purpose.

Aren't these adorable?

Go Habs!

You rock!

Obviously the boys agree!


  1. These are adorable!

  2. So cute! But where are my hotties Gionta and Cammalleri?

  3. These were amazing! I loved them! although the lineup wasn't exactly accurate (KOIVU), they were just so authentic and tasted amazing.
    Where were Gionta and Cammalleri? Good question, cuz they were all invisible tonight!

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