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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bakerella in T.O.

What a day!

I would never in a million years have thought that this would lead to this! Which would lead to this followed by this!  This brings us to December 4, 2010.  The day that Rich and I met Angie Dudley, a.k.a. Bakerella! 

Saturday Morning:
Saturday began with a thrill for Rich and I since Bakerella was in town for the signing of her new book, Cake Pops.  All of the excitement took place at Williams Sonoma on Bloor Street. 

What was even more exciting...
As soon as we got to the store, the employees at Williams Sonoma knew exactly who we were (once Rich mentioned our names) and led us upstairs to meet with Bakerella.  She gave Rich the biggest hug and began to tear up as soon as she saw me. It was the first time we had met in person.  She is definitely one of the sweetest people we have ever met.

Beside her in the photo above is Roseanne Dela Rosa, associate editor of Weddingbells magazine.

As soon as she finished her interview with Angie, she interviewed Rich and me for an article she will be writing for an online feed of Wedding Bells. That was pretty cool! Rich was super excited!

Saturday Afternoon:
By this time, it was well after the noon hour. After Angie answered many questions from her fans, she began the signing...She brought Rich and I right to the signing area (no line up for us). I noticed one girl whisper to her mom, "Mom, that's the couple who got married on Bakerella's site!" That was hilarious!  As we sat beside her so she could sign the book, she asked all of the fans in line if they remembered us.  No joke, people actually started cheering. It was nuts! We were a famous couple...for a few minutes anyway! 

The message written in fuchsia pink was perfect!

In this shot, she was eyeing my labels on the back of the cupcake sugar cookies I baked for her.

These girls were by far the most creative "gift bakers." Carolynn, (in the middle) drove in all the way from Ottawa just to have her book signed and meet Bakerella.

She and her friend Candy created their own original "Canadiana" to welcome Bakerella to town.  They included the most amazing moose and beaver cake pops! (Way, way more creative than my cookie pops.)

For those of you who would like a lesson on these cookie goes...they were were pretty simple to make.

I decided on cupcakes since Bakerella loves everything cupcake!

I used a skittle for the cherry on top and stuck it to the cookie with royal icing.

Then, I piped and flooded the cookie with more icing and added a few sprinkles as a garnish! Simple as a cupcake!  For my sugar cookie recipe, click here. For the recipe I use to make royal icing, click here

Saturday Evening:

Saturday evening was the "icing on the cupcake!" The rumours are true.  We went out for dinner with Angie and her mom!  And we had a blast! All joking aside people....Rich and I had dinner with BAKERELLA! We went out for dinner with the next Martha Stewart! The picture above was funny is her mom?!  She was cracking up because as soon as our dessert, (buttery, phyllo pastry crepes filled with melted white chocolate and fresh blueberries) arrived at our table, Angie and I both took out our cameras and began shooting photos! I got a great shot of her taking a picture of the dessert!  

What a day!  It certainly was a memorable one for us. Thanks Angie, for including us in your first trip to Canada. We hope to meet again, perhaps on your next book tour?! 

Have you ever met a star before?


  1. You are the luckiest girl on earth! That is so cool!!!!! I'm really happy for you.

    The only star I met was Miss Universe Australia when we were in Paris in 2005. Pretty cool; but I care more about Bakerella haha :)

  2. I want to be Bakerella when I grow up LOL I read your guys' story and it was sooo sweet. I just want to like give you guys ginormous hugs!

    I went to Canada while in the Navy and went to this bar called The Roxy. I met Christian Slater, Tara Reid, Ben Affleck and JLO all in the same night. They were filming some movie up there.

  3. I am so happy you guys have fun!! You two deserve it! This blog was awesome!!!!!!

  4. Best blogpost EVER! I loved reading your play by play and I totally recognized your favourite blueberry-phyllo dessert! So glad it all worked out! :)

  5. What a FANTASTIC day! I had no idea you got to go out for dinner with her after, too. Awesome! Marnie

  6. One of your best Pots Melissa!! What an awesome experience :))

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this neat story! I began reading your blog because of Bakerella. What an experience!!

  8. How fun!!!

    I met Chris Tomlin after attending his (former) church in Austin, TX called The Austin Stone. My friends and I went out for dinner after church that evening at Hut's which is a local hamburger place in downtown Austin and he was there!!!! We were nervous but we walked up and introduced ourselves to him. A wonderful man he is!!

    I also met Kate Gosselin at a book signing... does that count? haha... Congrats and thanks for sharing!

  9. That is SO AWESOME, lucky people!! :D Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays!

  10. I remember seeing you and Rich on Bakerella's post! :) So sweet, and you get to meet Bakerella! lucky :)

  11. I had to post again just to say how nice it was of B to post a link to your blog! She's so great! :)

  12. I love the pictures in this post! I saw you and Rich at the signing, but I didn't know that Bakerella had asked the crowd about you - that's so sweet. It's crazy seeing the signing photos from her site and your site and remembering being there too.

    As for meeting famous people, I've met Christian Slater, Wes Bentley, Rupert Friend, Keira Knightley, Clemence Posey (from Harry Potter) and Brent Butt (created Corner Gas). I used to work in the film industry when I lived out west. :)

  13. Hi Mel!

    It was lovely to meet you at Bakerella's book signing. What a wonderful story of your proposal and to have it come full circle by meeting Bakerella herself! Thank you for mentioning my cake pops in your blog. I had great fun making them and coming up with the idea with my friend Candy. As for your cookies...they are cute, cute, cute. Too cute to eat!

    Looking forward to reading your next 'sweet treat' in life!

    Carolynn from Ottawa

  14. Definitely the stuff fairy tales are made of! I was thrilled when I first saw the proposal on Bakerella's site, and think it's awesome that the three of you got to finally meet in person!
    Thank you for sharing your story here and love your cookie pops b.t.w. =)