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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cookies and More for my Sister's Bridal Shower

We made a bridal shower for my sister a couple of months ago!  (By "we," I mean her bridesmaids and me). You may remember some of the goodies that I made for her last year when she announced her engagement. To make this blog post extra unique, aside from the cookies I made, (with the help of a few of her bridesmaids), I also posted some of the other beautiful desserts made by her very creative friends.
I used a new bridal gown cookie cutter for the cookies above as well as a wedding cake cutter for the wedding cake cookies and decorated them with my sister's friend Jolene.  
A quick lesson on how to easily jazz up these cake cookies and create a feathered look. Pipe and flood one cookie at a time. Immediately pipe alternate colours in horizontal lines on the same cookie.
Drag a toothpick vertically, (perpendicular to the horizontal lines) up and down in opposite directions on the wet flood and let dry overnight. 
Package in cellophane bags.
Tie with a pretty ribbon.
If desired, add labels to the back of the packaged cookies.

Arrange on little tables at the entry/exit as a loot bag for guests.
Watch how happy the bride-to-be is when she notices the treats! 
Take a cute picture of the bride-to-be with a cookie!

Now onto the more creative desserts made by my sister's friends.
I just loved these chocolate covered pretzels made by my sister's friend Shawna. She used Wilton candy melts, (the same chocolate used to make cake pops) and garnished them with sprinkles, drizzled chocolate and mini chocolate chips.
I ordered a candy sushi platter from Sweet Sushi by Jessica. I have also made candy sushi before. Check out the candy sushi that I made with Riley to learn how to make it yourself! 
Adrienne's friend Jessica made these adorable cupcakes topped with fondant flowers.
My friend Adrienne did me a huge favour by making her delicious apple tart!  This was a hit!
And...Saving the best for sister's bridesmaid Jen makes gorgeous cakes (as a hobby)!  I love what she did for this cake....and yes, the number of dresses is equivalent to the number of bridesmaids my sister will have! You may remember me mention her talent in the bridal shower cake post that she made for my shower a few years ago!

Mazel tov Agie!

We are all very excited for the stagette...and then the wedding!