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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mini Zucchini Cakes

Have you ever in your life seen a zucchini of this girth??? Believe it or not, this massive vegetable grew in my very own garden! Let's call her "Momma zuc." "Baby zuc" was bought at the grocery store!

I love the fluorescent green colour of the shredded zucchini. And even more than that, I love my food processor! It makes shredding so much easier and faster. I will bake for anyone who would like to come over and clean up after me! Any takers???

I was very excited to use my mini muffin tin for the first time. I also used a mini cake pan set to make mini cakes!

To garnish, add a dash of icing sugar!

And to make them taste even better...I cut the mini zucchini cakes in half (using dental floss), spread cream cheese icing in the middle, assembled them back together, and dabbed the tops with a piping bag filled with more icing for that extra bit of goodness!


  1. Hi Mel! I have a couple questions for ya!

    1. What recipe did you use?
    2. I don't have a food you think I could use the Bullet if I cut the zuc into small chunks or slices?
    3. Could I add chocolate chips? (I know you're not surprised that I asked!)

  2. A few answers...
    1) I used my own recipe that I still need to refine...I am looking for a good zucchini recipe.
    2) I would suggest using a grater instead of using The Bullet. I love the Bullet for shakes, but I find that it makes veggies with liquid (like zucchini) very mushy.
    3) Why not add chocolate chips? The more chocolate, the better...right?
    Also, let me know if you have found a good recipe...I will have to test it out!