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Friday, September 25, 2009

Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Bites of Goodness!

Oh my goodness are these addictive! They might even be the simplest cookies to make.
Pour the contents of the package of the Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix into a bowl, add one egg, a stick of butter and mix! Tada!!! (Oh ya..and a membership to Costco to get the box of cookie mix!)

Use a mini ice cream scooper to scoop out even sized balls of cookie dough. I can see the butter in the bottom left corner. That's what makes these so delectable. No shortcuts or margarine substitutes here!

There's nothing like
chocolate chip cookies
fresh out of the oven!
But wait!

Look what's inside...

Three different types of chocolate!



  1. Chris said...
    I have enjoyed reading the yummy recipes!! They all look so tasty!!

    Sabina said...
    They look delish! Save me one!

    Merrick said...
    Love the recipes, love the pics, love the way your write about it all. Thank you for sharing! Consider me hooked.

  2. Argh! Why are these delicious looking cookies the first thing I see on my dashboard when I log into my Blogger account on Yom Kippur?

    Note to self: Unsubscribe from blogs about baking before Yom Kippur.

    Useful comment: Looks good. :D

  3. These cookies look soooo delicious!!! I have gone to Longo's, Loblaws, Fortino's, No Frils, Costco (leslie and elgin mills) and Sobeys and no one carries the mix. I'm going to try concord next. In the meantime, I was bored of my own cookie recipe (which I still think is amazing - you have the recipe) so I tried a new one tonight - if its any good, I will pass it your way soon! I think Im going to try it for brownridge treat day in a few weeks so let me know if you like it! I did make the carrot cake tonight! It looks delicious - serving it tomorrow!

  4. I should pick up some of the mix and send it to my SIL. She's obsessed with their chocolates!

  5. Mmm. Those look good. I've seen that box mix, too. I was at a party and this girl brought those chunky gooey cookies you can never replicate. I asked her if she'd share her recipe because I was tired of flat cookies. She said she used the recipe on the back of the ghiradelli chips bag!!! She added 1/4 cup of extra flour, refridgerate overnight, and use cold!