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Monday, July 26, 2010

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

My cousin Naomi got engaged on February 6, 2010, and this weekend I went to her bridal shower in Montreal. Since she loves, and I mean loves chocolate, I modified my sugar cookie recipe with a little cocoa powder to make chocolate sugar cookies for the shower.

I followed my usual recipe for making sugar cookies, but replaced 1/3 cup of flour for 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder. Click here for the rolled sugar cookie recipe I love!

I was really happy with the results.

This was one of my favourites!

I used some of the new cookie cutters I bought including the square and circle cutters with rigid edges.

Click here for to learn how to create feathered stripes on wet flood, (as seen on the middle cake cookie on the bottom row of cakes above, and, as seen on the first wedding dress in the photo below).  

I tried some simpler designs as well, because some people prefer a little less royal icing and sweetness on their cookies.

The wedding date is set for 10. 10. 10.  What an easy date to remember!

I think she loved the cookies! On another note...Naomi is probably one of the most creative people I know. She also took the coolest engagement pictures, photographed by Blushing Bride Studio.  She researched when and where there would be a carnival in Montreal and managed to find one taking place in Pierrefonds, Quebec in early July.  Click here to view the awesome shots taken by Chelsea, the owner of the company.

Congrats you guys!  We are so excited for you and can't wait to celebrate with you at your wedding!


  1. OMG. Mel, you don't understand how touched I was that not only did you come to my shower the day after your birthday, two weeks before YOUR wedding, but you also did my hair & nails, got me a stunning vase, and made me the MOST AWESOME cookies ever! And now this blogpost? You've really outdone yourself this time! I can't thank you enough!

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend and I can't wait for you wedding!!!

    Love, Naomi <3

  2. how cute~!!! <3 those look amazing!

  3. They look really nice - and the pictures are lovely! My wedding is in 6 weeks, I hope the pictures will be as nice as these...I really hope :-)
    Greets, Schokolia

  4. 我愛那些使自己的德行成為自己的目標或命定的人................................................