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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crêpe Ballon Rouge


This was definitely my favourite "nut free" dessert that I indulged in on my honeymoon.  Prepared tableside at Celebrity's specialty restaurant Murano, Crêpe Ballon Rouge was worth every single calorie!

On the little serving cart in front of our table, sat all of the required ingredients and tools required to prepare this delicious creation. A prepared crêpe, one scoop of vanilla ice cream, some fresh pepper, balsamic vinegar, about half a shot of Chambertin...

caramel sauce, sweet strawberry sauce with cinnamon and clove, and finally, some fresh strawberries.

To try this at home, lay one crêpe flat on a plate and place one scoop of ice cream in the center. 

Roll crêpe to form a pocket around the ice cream and set aside.

Set the burner to medium low heat and warm up a non-stick saucepan with high sides. Pour the caramel sauce into the pan and let it sizzle.

Add five strawberries to the pan cut side down, allowing the sauce to warm up the strawberries.

Pour the Chambertin into the pan.  The liquor is the key ingredient required to flambé this dish. Before adding the flambé to the pan, heat the liquor in the saucepan just until bubbles begin to form around the edges.


Once the flame has disappeared, add the strawberry sauce, balsamic vinegar...

and some fresh pepper.

Set the cooked strawberries around the ice cream filled crêpe and dress with the mouth watering sauce. 

Cut into the middle and enjoy.

Until there is nothing left!


  1. This looks absolutely delicious! What is chambertin? Is it like Chambord?

  2. I believe it is a French wine.

  3. That crepe looked amazing. next time see if you can find it gluten free :)