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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cookies for Julie's Baby Shower

My friend Julie had a Baby Shower today.  She is due in January.  She is keeping the sex of the baby a surprise. So, I stuck with her favourite color, blue, and combined it with yellow.

Love the latest cookie experiment. I bought so many animal cutters over the summer and love this little "rubber ducky" cutter.

Pipe...then flood...
Really adorable...

Baby Z...will you be a boy or a girl?
Happy Shower Julie!


  1. so pretty! my cookies never come out nice like that :(

  2. Your cookies are always so cute! GREAT JOB!!!!

  3. Adorable is the perfect word! I'm sure your friend was so happy

  4. Mel, just wanted to say thank you for being such a wonderful friend and making the cookies for Julie's Shower! You're awesome! Can't wait for your next creation!

    - Ryan "Z" Zaldin (future father of Baby "Z")

  5. They look great! I am making some in a few weeks for a baby shower, so this will help for sure!

  6. Love these baby shower cookies. Thanks for sharing your step by step.

  7. Those are so cute.
    Did you have any problems with duckies suffering decapitation? I know I would have busted several. *sighs*

  8. Hey Courtney,
    I did make some extra duckies for that exact reason. Luckily, they all survived the oven!
    The more important part was making sure that the dough chilled long enough to ensure that the ducks wouldn't rip apart when removing the cookie cutter or transferring the dough onto the cookie sheet.
    Happy Baking,
    Melissa ;)