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Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday "Heartcakes" and Cupcakes

Just look at the excitement on my face!

What a surprise I was faced with when my girlfriend Sarah brought "Heartcakes" (that she made and decorated herself) to a restaurant especially for me on my birthday!

She even decorated them with different colour icing and sprinkles! And, made chocolate, vanilla and marble cakes!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I love you Sarah! You made my birthday very special! YUMMY!!!

It got even sweeter when my brother's girlfriend Kelly baked me a


DELICIOUS!!! Thanks Kel!

And for my grandmother's birthday, I baked chocolate fudge cupcakes with sweet icing!

Kickin' it old school with my aunt's hand blender from the 80's! It still works!

Fill muffin tins just over half way. Bake at 350 for about 25 minutes.

Let cool and decorate!

The swirl is my favourite.

Fill a piping bag with one colour icing on one side, and the other colour icing on the other side.

It looks so pretty!


  1. hi, everything on your blog looks amazing!! what recipe do u use for cupcake icing?

  2. Hi Pri,
    Check out the posting called Marble Cupcakes to find two recipes for buttercream icing.
    Melissa :)

  3. MElissa, I luv yr blog...:) u are so talented dear..May God blees you :)