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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cupcakes, Cookies and Cake

I browsed through my photos over the past few years and have found some pics of cupcakes and other sweet treats that I created!

I baked and decorated these multi-coloured cupcakes for a Luved Clothing Party I had at my place. No one wanted to eat them because they looked so yummy. I had to send everyone home with one and my students sure did enjoy the remaining cupcakes the next day!

Love the swirl icing!
I made the cupcakes with purple icing below for my friend Sherri's Bridal Shower. They were a "sweet" hit!

My grandmother turned 92 last February. For dessert, I baked pink cupcakes and matching heart sugar cookies!
Can you believe that my friend Sarah made me edit her out of her own birthday picture with her Gigantic Chocolate Chip Birthday Cookie!?!
This is one of the most creative cakes that have made yet! I actually painted on the coloured icing! My favourite part of the cake are the coloured sprinkles!
Go Canadiens!


  1. Love the blog Mel! I am a huge sweet treats fan, and can definitely see myself checking back often. You should add an e-mail feature that sends notication to subscribers when you have a new post!

    xox Jo

  2. Your cupcakes are so cute! Love them!