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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chanukah Cookies

Part 1
I love finding cookie cutters for different holidays! Here is my latest holiday creation...some Chanukah Gingerbread cookies...Happy Chanukah!

Follow the recipe for making gingerbread cookies or sugar cookies and let cool before icing and decorating.

Even Lucas wanted to eat his own cookie!
"Mommy, this cookie is yummy!"

Part 2
At the beginning of the week, my student Rebecca's
mom came to school to deliver a special gift. 

To my surprise, she brought me freshly baked and decorated Chanukah Sugar Cookies! Boy do my students know me well.  Between shoes and baking, these kids have got me all figured out!

What a fantastic surprise! 
Aren't these cookies just gorgeous? 

 They are just a little bit nicer than mine!

And...they tasted even better than they looked!
Oh oh!  There I go...eating away.
Love the buttery taste.  It is so sinful, yet so delicious!

As a gift with these delicious cookies, I also received The Cookie and Biscuit Bible.
I will most definitely be trying some of the new recipes over the holidays!

Happy baking!


  1. I love gingerbread cookies and yours were yummy, even Mira said they were great! Lucas seems to be enjoying them too!

  2. Those are so gorgeous. And looks like they taste as good as they look,lol.

  3. Melissa, my kids were salivating just looking at those cookies. They look fabulous and yummy.

  4. Kathy said...
    Beautiful looking gingerbread cookies. I am sure they were delicious. Loved the shapes.

  5. Andrea said...
    I hope that these are what you made for the cookie exchange. They look yummy!

  6. Hey Melissa,

    It's Sari Little - I can't believe how I just stumbled on your blog. I saw the whole engagement story on Bakerella! What I small world! Mazel Tov. Love you blog and your creations - I am very impressed. I am now a follower. Head over and check out my blog some time. I think you might like it!


  7. Congratulations on getting engaged - Scott, from London England :-)