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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ghirardelli Square

I was so excited to stumble upon Ghirardelli Square while visiting our friends Sarah and Joel in San Francisco last week!  I had no clue that San Francisco was known for Ghirardelli Chocolate, and that a Ghirardelli Chocolate Store is located at the corner of nearly every street and in every terminal in the airport.

Part of Ghirardelli's holiday promotion included baskets filled with their peppermint bark handed out for free to anyone walking into their stores. Needless to say...I think I might have eaten one each day!  Don't you just love the holidays?
Ghirardelli Square includes three different Ghirardelli stores including an Ice Cream Shoppe that featured the machines and steps involved in the Chocolate Making Process. I wanted to jump into the melted chocolate and go swimming!  Read below for all four steps.

Chocolate Lovers....this is for you!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3-Yes that is all chocolate!

Step 4-And so is that!
Look what Sarah bought me?!  The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook.  For all of you who were shocked when I made Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies from a mix...I have now redeemed myself!  I used the recipe from the bible, and made Rich the real deal! See below for the recipe! 
Key to these cookies...using Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips.
Think smart!  Make an extra batch and save in the freezer for later. 
It fills the house with such a wonderful aroma when guests are over!
Then, defrost and pop in the oven at 375 for 8-9 minutes.


  1. that place!! we've been there twice..still love it!!! yummy looking cookies!!!

  2. Oh please dont tell me this ...I am from Australia and we are coming over in Feb/March this year and staying in Anaheim. I was tossing up about a trip to San Fransico...but didnt have enough time :-( but think I will have to look out for the book when I come over.
    Think I am going to have excess luggage when I come back LOL

    Lee-Ann xx

  3. YUM!! Those cookies look amazing! I'm from the Bay Area and I always loved getting a hot fugde sundae from Ghiradelli when we went to San Francisco.

  4. Hi Melissa!

    Love your blog, but not sure if I ever commented. Ghirardelli was giving away free peppermint bark? Be still my beating heart! That looks SO good but I've never tried it. I'm afraid it'll be dangerous for me, as I can see myself scarfing the whole bag. ;)

    Really smart idea with the cookie dough! I've never thought of that. I'm going to steal that idea! Love it. :)

  5. Marci said...
    Your blog fan and neighbour is always excited to try your new recipes. The cookies look delicious.