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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Engagement Party Cupcakes

My parents threw us such a beautiful Engagement Party a few weeks ago. What would the dessert table be like at my own Engagement Party without a little treat from Mel's Sweet Treats?  

Special thanks to my girlfriend Lisa of Pacopanache. She lent me her custom made cupcake stand.  Because of the stand, the cupcakes were displayed so beautifully. 

The shade of pink was made by adding Wilton Rose Petal icing color to the white buttercream.  For the recipe, click here.

I topped each cupcake with three silver balls.

Although, I love vanilla buttercream icing best,
I couldn't forget about all of the chocolate lovers!

Thanks Agie for doing such a great job arranging the cupcakes on the stands!
Love the pink bows.

In the past, people have told me that the cupcakes were too pretty to eat.  So, at the end of Rich's speech, I was sure to remind everyone to help themselves to a cupcake from the cupcake table! 

My sister got one!

Rich and I got one...but for photo purposes only!

The next thing I knew...not one cupcake was left...they were all gone!

What a wonderful party!  Thanks mom and dad!


  1. Pam said...
    Just beautiful. How perfect.

  2. That is the coolest cupcake display I have ever seen. The cupcakes are beautiful!

  3. Congratulations on your engagement! I love your blog. I'm amazed at all the wonderful creations you make and only wish I could be HALF as talented!(I can't even make a frost a pretty cupcake, but give me some paper and I CAN work miracles!lol)

  4. I saw the bakerella blog first and saw the proposal ...what a thoughtful guy you found ...and I found mine to 5 yrs ago ...enjoy and congrats

  5. I had my brother make me a cupcake display just like this one a number of years ago. I LOVE IT. I had him paint it white and I just use different decorative ribbon for each occassion I use it. I would love to copy your idea and use a cover for it. Is it material or something like wrapping paper? How is it secured to the boxes?