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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bridal Shower Cake

Can you guess who made this cake? 

No, Carlo's Bake Shop did not make this cake for my Bridal Shower. Neither did Bakerella.

My sister Adrienne made it with the help of her friend Jen!

I just loved it! The cake was definitely the hit of the party....along with a few other surprises! Stay tuned for a post in a few weeks with detailed steps on how to make a cake just like this one. In the meanwhile...take a look at some of the pictures of this amazing cake.

My sister is going to have to give me some lessons on fancy fondant techniques.
Just look at the detail on the dress!

The letters are so cute!

Thanks Agie!  I just loved the cake!

And to all of my bridesmaids who made this day so special for me...Thank you!  A Cookie Decorating Contest was one of the highlights.  And for my teacher friends...they even made a rubric with success criteria to go along with it.  Check out some pics of the cookies below.

I had to select a winner based on the criteria from the rubric. For those of you who are not teachers, a rubric is like a checklist of "look fors" that students receive at the beginning of a unit/task to understand what the teachers will be evaluating on their final project when they are graded.

Creative...that is supposed to be me. Not funny Sarah!

I loved the pepper and the hot lips on the cookie above. "M" for Melissa was very neat and appealing. But the winner of the contest...the most creative wedding gown designed by my friend Julie! And although you can't see it, she was very resourceful and used a piece of cauliflower as the diamond on the ring! Just adorable.

Thanks girls.  This was such an incredible day that I will never forget.


  1. Cute cake. Well done to your sister!!

  2. Heather said...
    What a beautiful cake!!!! =)

  3. Marnie said...
    That cake - WOW!

  4. Very fun! I love the detailing on the dress especially.

  5. hi ms razmov love ur blog its great ur so creative!

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