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Sunday, June 6, 2010

C is for cookie...

C is for cookie, that's good enough for me!  I had a blast making Cookie Monster and Elmo cupcakes for Lucas' first birthday party. Thanks to Bakerella's Street Party Post back in November, I had some ideas of products that could be used to transform these muppets into cupcakes.

 Pictured above are the materials needed to make both Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes. 

To make Elmo cupcakes you will need...
-red frosting for the face
-orange jelly beans for the nose
-scotch mints for the eyes
-a black Wilton FoodWriter edible color marker for the eye balls
-small chocolate coins for the mouth

Pipe the face using any flower tip.  (The tip used for piping grass might work even better.)

Draw circles on each mint with an edible marker.   

Elmo's nose is made by using orange jelly beans.

And the mouth is made by cutting small chocolate coins in half.

To make Cookie Monster cupcakes you will need...
-blue frosting for the face
-scotch mints for the eyes
-black Wilton FoodWriter edible color marker for the eye balls
-mini chocolate chip cookies for the mouth

First, pipe the face.

Next, color the eye balls; one should be slightly higher than the other. Then, cut a mini chocolate chip cookie in half and use one half for each mouth.  Let the crumbs crumble!  After all, cookie monster loves crumbs and cookies!

Holy cuteness!

So many cookies...

Elmo and Cookie Monster are friends.

The kids at Lucas' party were so excited to eat the cupcakes!  

Jory couldn't wait to eat Elmo!

Happy Birthday Lucas!  Enjoy the cupcakes kids.

The reason why I did not post the recipe for these vanilla/white cupcakes is because I wasn't satisfied with the way they turned out. The recipe created a very dense, greasy cupcake which many people enjoy, however, I personally do not. For some reason, I can't seem to find a fluffy, sweet, non-oily white cupcake recipe. HELP! If you are willing to share, please post a white cupcake recipe that you may have, or feel free to link up to your blog where I might be able to find a good one. I have tried about six already, and none of them seem to taste like that delicious birthday cake, cake that I am looking for.  

Looking forward to reading your suggestions,
Melissa ;) 


  1. Love these! Would it be weird to order a cookie monster wedding cake?

  2. LOVE these cupcakes - very cute!

    I love Nigella's vanilla cupcake recipe, it is a really simple one and DELICIOUS - very light.

  3. Mel! These are adorable!!! Did you go to ?

  4. Hi Mel,

    I am such a food groupie. I love your blog.

  5. I love the ancient Silver White Cake recipe from my Betty Crocker book. It's super light and fluffy with lots of egg whites. It is here:

  6. Those are adorable and such a good idea!

  7. The condensed milk did not work out?

    This is a recipe my friend Susanna made with me and it's fabulous!

    It's available with pictures (and video via Youtube); Very Vanilla Cupcakes



  8. I GUARANTEE the BEST cupcake recipe. It's "feather light" i tried it yesterday and made 18, and by the end of the day my family (4 people) had ate them all. please try them and tell me what you think, although i know you'll be pleased. i'd been searching for a great recipe for ages too (i had oily dense ones) and this is it.
    just go to my blog i think its the 3rd post down?


  9. Mel, sorry there's been a change in my URL its now

    easier to remember that way haha.
    anyway, on the fourth post is the BEST feather light patty cupcakes! enjoy!

  10. Hello, I just stumbled on your lovely blog. I totally adore baking and have tried many recipes. Thank you for sharing yours....the cupcakes look amazing!

  11. I've finally found a fluffy moist white cake recipe that I love!! I've used it in a couple of recipes so far.. its on my blog in the Dulce de Leche cake and the Lemon Cupcakes:


    These are amazing. Promise!

  13. I know I'm super late, but I just discovered your blog (adorable, by the way!) and I thought I'd share another recipe, in case you're still looking! I absolutely love this cupcake recipe - I've used it with multiple frosting/filling combinations and it always has the perfect texture and flavor:

    (that's my blog, but the recipe is originally from the Piece of Cake blog: - I have to give due credit!)

  14. I love these! I am making an Elmo cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday but needed something for her to bring to daycare. Thank you for sharing.