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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scrubs for a Doctor

Congratulations to Dr. Pope, a recent Medical School graduate!

To design these cookies, I looked up some actual pictures of scrubs online and modified and added some of my own personal touches. I also included the name of the recipient on the pocket.

To make these cookies, refer to my favourite sugar cookie recipe. I used a onesie cookie cutter because I was not able to find a t-shirt cookie cutter anywhere in town. Use a sharp knife to cut off the bottom of the onesie, creating a straight edge. Bake and let cool. Pipe the border of the t-shirts with royal icing.

Flood the t-shirts with desired color.  This order was for pink scrubs.

I am obsessed with these Wilton Food Writer Edible Color Markers!  They are the same ones that I used in the last post to draw Cookie Monster's and Elmo's eyeballs. 

Using the edible marker was the most practical way that I found to include all of the details on each cookie. 
Let dry for at least a half hour before packaging.
Package and send away!


  1. You have an AWESOME blog, so I award you with the Versatile Blogger Award!

    I had to pick blogs that I recently discovered, and I just started reading this one of yours. I'm an artist, art teacher and this blog inspires me.

  2. so cute!!!!
    my blog has some cool stuff for people to check out too :)

  3. i must say i am addictided to your blog! i found it on bakerella a while back with the whole cute proposal thing and ive been reading it ever since. i love going back to all the old post and re reading them. you have inspired me to make beautiful sugar cookies like yours! but i must ask...could you please share you royal icing recipes with me? i would be really thankful since i havent been able to find one i like..
    thanks and congrats on the awsome blog!! :D

  4. Hi -
    As a fellow cookie decorator, just thought I'd pass along the following link - Ann Clark co. makes a plain T-shirt cutter if you want to save yourself a step next time :) Scroll down a few to see the T-shirt cookie cutter.

    Your scrubs cookies are very cute!