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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baby Cookie Bouquet

Congrats Sher and Al on the birth of your beautiful baby girl!

I was waiting for my girlfriend Sherri to have her baby to use these adorable baby cookie cutters.  I knew that I wanted to make cookie lollipops.

Before I "planted them into the pot," I had to take some pictures in the colorful cake stand that my friend Sarah bought me for my birthday! It's actually three tiers from the cutest store little tea salon in San Francisco called Crown and Crumpet. Above is the smallest tier.
And this is the middle sized tier.
Onto the Cookie Bouquet...I bought some craft supplies from Dollarama, including a terra cotta pot that was painted pink with the help of one of my former students...thanks Stephanie! Since I could not find a large enough piece of styrofoam, I used a piece of foam similar to what could be used to make a floral arrangement. It held the cookie lollipops in place. I had pink ribbon that said, "It's a Girl!" as well as brown tissue paper and cellophane that I used to wrap the bouquet.   

This is what it looked like before it was wrapped.
And this is what it looked like after!
I think it's pretty cute!


  1. How cute! Funny, because I am just in the middle of ordering some baby cookie cutters for a baby shower :)

  2. It is really cute! The new parents are going to love it.

  3. Very pretty bouquet!!
    congratulations to your friend for her new baby!