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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pink 'n Pretty Cake Pops

My sister asked me to come over to help her make some upside down cake pops for her friend's Bridal Shower.

This time, we used Wilton Lollipop Sticks and pink Candy Melts. For more detailed, step by step instructions of how to make cake pops, click here.

Since we made these a couple of days before the party, we traced two pieces of waxed paper to fit the base of each tupperware. This allowed for the pops to set directly in the containers. The cake pops will stay fresh in airtight containers on the counter for up to five days.
Yummy!  Melted candy coating!
Place on waxed paper.
Or, sprinkle some coloured sugar to change things up a bit!


All done and ready for the party!

On the day of the party, arrange on a platter and enjoy. 
Congrats Jen!

Look at how pretty they looked!  (My sister just sent me this picture!) Also...this dessert is great, not only because it is bite sized, but also, because it can be prepared a day or two before and still tastes fresh and delicious!


  1. can you share the cake for this cake pop's recipe?

  2. Cute! Is there a way to have glittery pink?

  3. Nothing prettier than baked recipes dressed up to be pink and girlie!

  4. The cake that I used for these cake pops was half of a boxed Duncan Hines Chocolate cake. Also, I'm sure that by using pink colored sugar, the pink glitter effect that you are looking for would be reached!