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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hamantaschen Part 2 - Baking with Ryan

Cute alert, cute alert! 

When Fay gave me extra dough and filling to make more of Bubbi Hanka's Hamantaschen, I knew that I needed some help. Ryan and I had a date!  We made our own version of Bubbi Hanka's Hamantaschen with poppy seed and blueberry filling, and a round, scalloped edge cookie cutter. I was impressed with the final product of a two and a half year old! We made a great team.

We began by working together to roll out the dough...

Until Ryan wanted to try it on his own! The rolling pin was bigger than he was!  I tried to buy him a kid's sized rolling pin and apron, but had no luck.  Any suggestions of where to go?

He did such a great job using a cookie cutter to cut out the circles of dough.

Then he spooned the filling into the center of each circle.

Although he thought it was a little messy, he managed to squeezed each corner together.

"Ready for the oven!"

"Yummy! I made hamantaschen!"
Thanks Ryan...I had so much fun baking with you!

For the recipe and step by step instructions of how to make Bubbi Hanka's Hamantaschen, click here.


  1. OK, if Ryan can do it then I guess I can too! :)
    Btw, Bubby Hanka's hamantaschen also have scalloped edges! She used a mini-tarte tin to cut out the circles...

  2. Love this post!

  3. There's a place called Country Kitchen in the states that sells kid sized stuff! (among LOTS of things every baker dreams of..)

    I LOVE all your designs! You're very creative :)

  4. Thanks Kim! I actually found a kid's sized apron by coincidence at store in Toronto called You Name it Baby. They make the most adorable personalized baby gifts and an apron is one of the items they sell.
    Melissa ;)