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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monogrammed Baby Cookies

A is for Audrey! Our friends Jeff and Julia gave birth to a baby girl named Audrey a few weeks ago.  I tried something new by adding a monogram of the letter A on top of flooded royal icing. 

To make all of the letters as uniform as possible, I printed a sheet of letter A's from the computer and traced them onto parchment paper using Wilton (chocolate) Candy Melts. Royal icing can also be used for the same purpose.

The letters took not even 5 minutes to dry.  As you can see above, they peel off very easily from the parchment paper.

Once the cookies dried, the letter A was added by using some royal icing as glue.  For the recipe that I use to make royal icing, click here.

Had I been a little more organized, I would have applied the letters to the cookies while the icing was still wet. 

Both ways will work, but the second way is a little more efficient and will allow for the letter to adhere to the cookie more securely.

We are so glad to have a little girl in our "crew."
Congrats, Jeff and Julia!

For my favourite sugar cookie recipe, click here.


  1. Gorgeous! Mazel tov to Jeff & Julia! :)

  2. Super, super cute! I've always loved your baby-themed cookies, that's a great present right there!

  3. So cute! They look great and what a thoughtful gift.

    -A @SM

  4. Beautiful cookies! What a wonderfully thoughtful gift!

  5. These are cute! What font is that?

  6. Good question Kenni! I think it was Century Schoolbook, bolded at a font size of about 80. I'll pay closer attention next time and be sure to add the details!
    Melissa ;)

  7. Fantastic idea to use the candy melts for the monogramming! Really cute baby onesies.