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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cookies for the Newly Engaged Couple

From the day Rich proposed, I knew that I wanted to make "wedding cookies." They were the perfect treat to serve at a "Toast" that our parents threw for us over the weekend. I was inspired by many of the ideas that I read in my favourite cookie book called Cookie Craft, by Peterson and Fryer. The only challenging part....finding the cutters.

Eventually, after searching in many stores, I found a "Wedding Cookie Cutter Set" at Michaels. I also purchased a "bridesmaid dress" cutter, (definitely my favourite one, left in the photo below) from the Retail Store at The Bonnie Gordon School of Cake Design . I am still on the hunt for a tuxedo or a suit cookie cutter...if you have any suggestions of where I can find one, please let me know!

I like to add lemon rind to my sugar cookie recipe to give them a little zing!

Have fun cutting away!
Be sure to evenly space out each cookie on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Bake for 12 minutes and let cool on a cooling rack.

Pipe royal icing to outline each cookie. This icing is a thicker consistency which creates a border so that the thinner, royal icing for flooding will not drip off of the cookie.

Flood and let set overnight.
Decorate if you like.
Da, da, da ,da...
Here comes the bride!
For the bridesmaid dress cookies, I added pink food colouring to the icing. I intentionally made the color of the icing for piping a little darker than the color of the icing for flooding.

These cookies turned out so well!


The next day, I decorated them with sugar and more icing!
Aren't they adorable?

Just lovely!

In fact...I was so thrilled with the way that the bridesmaid dress cookies turned out, that I decided to personalize them with the names of my friends whom I wanted to ask to be my bridesmaids. I only personalized the names of those whom I knew would be attending the toast. I asked each of my friends individually, to march for me by presenting them with a cookie.

My sister and brother caught some of their responses...


And that about sums up the first celebration of this fabulous time in my life.

I hope that you enjoyed the cookie ideas.
I'm off to eat a leftover cookie!


  1. They turned out so cute! Love your work! Congrats!

  2. Have you looked on for cookie cutters? I did a search for groom cookie cutters and a few cute ones came up.

  3. Those are just so adorable!!!! I love the dresses, and that was a unique, fun way to ask your bridesmaids. So original.

    I know it's not a men's jacket, but you can find a tie and men's dress shirt on this website here:

    I use them when I'm in need of a certain shape that's hard to find.

  4. Super cute! I attempted to make cookies for Halloween like this and when I took them out of the oven, well, instead of looking like pumpkins, they looked like big blobs! How do you keep your cookies in the right shape? Is it the cookie recipe?


  5. Melissa these are excellent! I don't know how I missed them at your party. This is exactly how I asked my girls to be my bridesmaids - I should have got you to make them!

    Congrats again!

  6. These cookies are unbelievable! So sorry we missed it on Sunday but am very glad you did this post!

  7. Gorgeous cookies. So simple and elegant.

  8. Adorable cookies! :) This site has a ton of cookie cutters:

  9. Aw how freaking cute are you (and your cookies!). What a special way to ask your bridesmaids!

    Do you have Bulk Barn where you are? They carry a ton of baking supplies/equipment and may have the cutter you are looking for.

  10. What cute cookies!! I've always wanted to get that book Cookie Craft, now I may just have to. Good luck on your cookie cutter hunt :)

  11. Those are such beautiful cookies and what a 'sweet' way to ask your girlfriends to stand up for you at your wedding.

  12. Cute cookies!! Love them. I found your blog through bakerella, such a cute story, congrats! Question, what is the best way to flood a cookie?

  13. So cute! I love them! I have a thing for sugar cookies. They are just so darn fun to make. Yours turned out absolutely beautiful! Looks like it was a really fun party too. Congrats!

  14. Very cute. Check out

    They have a section on wedding cookie cutters.

  15. Ah-dorable! Congratulations to you both!

    I just searched for tuxedo on their website and they have stuff that has to do with weddings- tuxedos, other dresses, rings, suit jackets, and hats.

  17. Congrats!!! I love proposal stories like the one Rich did for you!!


  18. Congratulations, the cookies are super cute. Color conbination..just love it.

  19. Congratulation! What a great way to ask your bridesmaids. Love it! As for the tuxedo or cookie cutter maybe consider a different twist on the heart cookie like this

    or maybe a bowtie cookie cutter?

    Well, good luck on your search and happy planning!

  20. I found a tuxedo shaped cookie cutter.

  21. Mel,
    I love your blog. Found it via Bakerella and the Proposal post. From your mention of Bonnie Gordon, am I right in assuming you are from Toronto area?

    Well check out Golda's Kitchen for great cookie cutters, as well as all other baking/cooking supplies, if you haven't already. They are a Canadian company, who ship to Canada, in Canadian Dollars. They also have a store front in Mississauga! I love it there! Good luck in your tuxedo search!

  22. What a wonderful cute idea to ask your bridesmaids! I was blog reading this morning when I found your precious story. Congrats to you both - what a fiancee!!!

  23. Will I get to see more of these on November 29th? :)

  24. Congrats!! I found you from exciting and what an AMAZINGLY creative fiance you have! Lucky girl you are! I just wanted to drop by and invite you to my blog which has lots of ideas for creative romance (not that you and hubby need any creativity advice..) but it's fun anyway! Congrats again!

  25. Just read about your awesome proposal! Congrats!Ü

  26. I love the cookie shapes! Here's a tuxedo cutter I found online:

    And some other wedding-related cutters you might like :-)

    Have fun cooking! :-D

  27. Hi, Melissa! Congrats on your engagement! Thanks so much for so beautifully being inspired by Cookie Craft!!! Your cookies look amazing! Re: groom's cutters--I've seen them at Broadway Panhandler on 8th street here in Manhattan, but we sourced many of our cookie cutters online, so I'm wagering you'll find it by searching--check the back of the book for some sites. Also, fyi, I heard from a good friend that Jimmy Fallon's sister made cookies from Cookie Craft for the wedding party his parents threw for him... so you're in excellent company!!!

  28. They are so adorable! And congrats :)

  29. That is a super cute idea and the cookies turned out wonderful! So cute!!!

  30. Love the cookies - congrats on the engagement!

  31. I'm not sure if you alrady found a groom cookie cutter but if not here is a link for one :) Congratulations!

  32. I saw your proposal on Bakerella, along with several other people, and I just wanted to wish you all the happiness in the world! What a sweet way to start your life together!

  33. WOW!!! I think I found another baking post I wanna tag as a favorite! I just saw Rich's proposal to you on Bakerella and I, too, had tears in my eyes! So sweet!

    I'm glad I saw it because you sure are a talented baker! I've been wanting to do these cookies for quite some time myself and now I know a little how it works! Hope you don't mind that I tag your blog as a favorite, because it truly is!

    Congratulations to you both!

  34. Hi there Melissa. I just came across your proposal on bakerella. I think its so sweet and i nearly cried too! I just wanted to congratulate both of you and I wish you every happiness in the world! I am sure to post your proposal on my blog. I'm from Malaysia by the way, and as we say it in Malay, Selamat Pengantin Baru! (which means something like Happy newly weds, if directly translated.) =)

  35. You're so cute Melissa! You have a lovely blog ;)
    I'm about to try out Royal Icing this weekend!
    Mazel Tov on your engagement!