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Sunday, November 22, 2009


I was talking to my mom about what to make for this week's post and she suggested her that her friend Mira brought leftover Tiramisu into work.  She told me how delicious it here it is...Mira's Tiramisu for you all to enjoy. Thanks for sharing your recipe Mira!

What you will need for this recipe:
-1 tub 454 g of ricotta (light)
-500 mL Nutriwhip Light
-42 Italian lady fingers
-2 cups strong coffee (cooled)
-2 tbsp Kahlua (I added a bit more!)
-cocoa powder
-cinnamon (optional)
With the whisk attachment, first, beat the Nutriwhip on low speed to avoid splashing. Slowly increase to high speed until peaks form. Gently fold in tub of ricotta. Set aside.

Next, pour 2 cups of cooled, strong coffee into a shallow bowl.  Add 2 tbsp of kahlua and mix.  Dip both sides of each lady finger in coffee mixture.  Doing this quickly avoids soaking up too much liquid and keeps each lady finger in one piece.  Repeat this step for remaining 20 lady fingers.

In a 9" x 13" inch pyrex dish, line up lady fingers, sugar side up, in 3 rows of 7.

Spread a thick layer (half of ricotta mixture) over lady fingers.  Repeat soaking and lining up for reamining 21 lady figures. Spread a thin layer of ricotta mixture over second layer. For a pretty finish, fill piping bag with ricotta mixture. 

Use Wilton star tip #1M and pipe remaining mixture in waves over top. 
Sprinkle with cocoa powder and add a pinch of cinnamon if desired.
Cover with saran and let set in fridge overnight.
Then bring over to a friend's house for dessert!

Even Ryan and his adorable little nose wanted to try some...

Thanks mommy, but I think I can do it all by myself!



  1. That looks so delicious. I've been talking about making homemade Tiramisu for months now. I REALLY have to try it soon.

  2. OMG, I am making my homemade Tiramisu tonight for my hubs before he leaves and I was going to post the recipe.

    Good thing my is little bit different,lol.

    Never tried it with Ricotta and Nutriwhip before.I will have to try it next time around since I already got my Mascarpone.

  3. Looks really delicious!By the way, I thought usually mascapone is used. How is using ricotta different from mascapone?

  4. It tastes very similar, however, the ricotta mixture is not quite as rich as mascarpone. Also, the price of the cheeses is significantly different.

  5. Oooh it looks soooo yummy!! My friend and I tried making it once and it was a total disaster!! I think I'll give this 1 a try tho

  6. Oh and where do you find this Nutriwhip??

  7. Hey! I adore your blog. I'm a bit of a baker too :D My blog started out as a food one but ended up just being my ramblings and the odd cake picture, hehe. Anyway, I was just catching up on Bakerella and am typing this through happy sobbing tears for you (That time of the month so I'm overly emotional!) Congratulations to you both! x

  8. I bought it at the grocery store. It was in the fridge section, right beside the whipped cream. Strangely enough, in the same area as the boxed greens and mushrooms.

  9. looks yummy!! nice blog, trying to start one too. I've never heard of nutriwhip, maybe we don't have it hear in you could probly try a product called frostin pride or bettercreme which you can find at your local cash n carry or possibly sams, its frozen when you buy it and when it thaws you whip it to the consistency you like, you can add flavors to it like puddings, or flavored syrups and its stable enough to not have to keep refridgerated for up to 5 days after its whipped. Its also great for fillings in cakes or even frosting, but its very light liked a whipped topping. :)

  10. I tried this recipe and it was super-easy and delicious!

    I placed the ladyfingers in the opposite orientation, which resulted in 2 extra cookies per layer.

    Also, I prefer to soak the cookies a bit more, so I used 3 Cups of strong coffee instead of 2, and I used 4 tbsp of Khalua (maybe that's why we all liked it so much!).

    Thanks for posting! :)