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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Personalized Cookies for Zoe's Birthday

Yay! I got my first order! My friend Mary ordered personalized cookies for her daughter Zoe's 7th birthday! Knowing that I am allergic to nuts and that all of my baking is nut free, Mary knew that individually wrapped cookies would be a "sweet treat" for Zoe to bring to school to help celebrate her birthday with her classmates.

I started off by following all of the same steps I used when I made Decorated Sugar Cookies. This time, I filled Wilton Squeeze bottles with icing instead of using ziplock bags. I found the bottles to be a very effective tool. After squeezing out of all the icing, I let the cookies set overnight.

Mary gave me a list of Zoe's classmates so that I could personalize each cookie.

She requested this color combination. I just love it! Instead of using food colouring to add colour to the white icing, I used Wilton Icing Colors in teal and violet from Bulk Barn. The bottles are about 1 ounce and will last for a very long time. I used a toothpick to add as much color as I needed to the icing. To make the icing darker, add more color.

Happy Birthday Zoe!
All packed up and ready to go!


  1. They are beautiful. Great job.

  2. They came out great...very cute!

  3. So pretty and the frosting looks so smooth! Mine is always so goopy!

  4. I use ketchup and mustard bottles to squeeze out icing. It's a much cheaper alternative that works just as well!

  5. These are so adorable. Congratulations on your engagement, by the way. I just read about it at Bakerella's site.
    I am a teacher also and I love to bake as well, so I was very happy to find and begin following your blog. Keep up the good work!
    This That and T'other