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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Day Chocolate Cupcakes!

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

Step 1-Bake your favourite chocolately, sweet, yummy chocolate cupcake.
Step 2-Once cooled, pipe with milk chocolate icing.
Step 3-Top with fondant heart cutouts.
STEP 4- Surprise your Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Beautiful!!!!! I love the chocolate and pink heart together!

  2. gorgeous! and now i'm craving cupcakes!

  3. Natalie said...
    okay, i don't understand how rich doesn't weigh like 300lbs!!! are you baking anything for tomorrow's shower? if you are, i'm first in line!!

  4. Freda said...
    I'm not a strawberry person but those cupcakes look amazing!!!!! Can you tell I'm a chocaholic?!?!

  5. Hi! I love reading you're blog! I found you from Bakerella when you got engaged! (Congrats!) I made these cupcakes today for my hubby to take to school (he's a teacher) to hopefully brighten some days. It's P/T conf week and we've had some snowdays, so things are a mess! I posted my attempt pics on FB, (and a link to your site to give you credit--and to share your site! I hope that's okay!) Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas and inspiring others!