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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Cookies

How about making your favourite person some Valentine's Day cookies this weekend?  
It would make them so happy!
Kitchen Stuff Plus has some really cute cookie cutters.
Use your favourite sugar cookie recipe and cut away!
Set up your work station.
Add food colouring to icing to make different shades of red and pink.
Decorate until your heart's content!
Tell someone you love them this Valentine's Day!
Then wrap up the cookies with love.
Trust me, they'll appreciate you even more than they already do!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I say this all the time, but I LOVE Valentine's Day!!! Your cookies look great! They package up so pretty,
    Have a SWEET Valentine's Day weekend!

  2. Your cookies look delicious!! Do you have a favorite sugar cookie recipe you could share? Your cookies look soft and thick, which is what I'm usually going for, but I haven't found a recipe I totally love yet.

  3. Love the sugar cookies!!! They look fantastic, I really love that lip cookie cutter.

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    Check out the link below for my favourite sugar cookie recipe.
    Melissa :)