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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baby Cookies for a Purple and White Baby Shower

A few weeks ago, my friend Jen and her sister Alyse made a baby shower for their niece, Mila. The colors they chose for the shower were lavender and white.

To make these cookies, I used my favourite sugar cookie recipe. To tint the royal icing purple, I used Wilton Violet Icing Color. The more colour added, the darker the shade of purple. For the royal icing recipe I used, click here.

I used two different techniques to decorate the baby onsies: marbling or creating feathered stripes on wet flood and adding polka dots to wet flood.  For a step by step tutorial showing how to create feathered stripes on wet flood, click here. To learn how to create polka dots on wet flood, click here.

The purple and white icing looked great together!

All packaged up and ready to be delivered.

Jen sent me a photo of the gorgeous table from the shower. The baby cookies were only a minor part of all of the beautiful purple and white sweets displayed. The cake was from Cake Opera Company, the french macaroons were ordered from a company called "Pretty Sweet" and everything else, was homemade!

Alyse even made her own cupcake toppers to top the vanilla cupcakes she made.
As well as fondant little ducks to decorate the chocolate cupcakes she made.

Great job ladies!  Thanks for including my cookies in your celebration. Congratulations to your sister on the birth of her daughter.


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  2. Great job on the cookies and the colour theme was quite different for a baby shower but very lovely. The table looked lovely.

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