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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cake Pop Bouquet

I made these cake pops for a first birthday party.

I used chocolate and blue candy melts.

First, I dipped the vanilla cake balls into the candy melts and attached the sticks.  Then, I set them in a styrofoam stand to dry.

To decorate, I used the leftover candy melts of the opposite color and drizzled a simple design.

To learn how to make your own cake pops, click here.

This order turned out perfectly!

To package the cake pops, I filled a silver plant pot from Ikea with styrofoam.  I topped it with blue and brown tissue paper and poked the cake pops into the styrofoam.  I added clear cellophane to cover up the arrangement and delivered it to the party. Everyone was thrilled and confused at the same time.  They had never seen or eaten a cake pop before!

Have you tried a cake pop before? If so, where was it from and what flavour was it?


  1. Wow, those turned out super pretty! I guess sometimes the simplest designs turn out the best!

    As for my first cake pop experience, we made our own cake pops last Christmas and they were lemon-poppy-seed flavoured.

  2. I made some cake pops out of chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting... they were so yummy and everyone loved them! They are really good, I just haven't had much time to make more of them... hopefully I'll have time soon!

  3. I made my first cake pops for a friend birthday. They were chocolate, and dipped into melted chocolate. Candy melts are a bit expensive in my country.

  4. These are time consuming to make and you have a lot of patience. Your dipping and decorating is really cute as is your planter for them.

  5. Actually, mine looked exactly like yours :) They were for my baby shower, and I LOVED the things. THey were Vanilla w/ candy melts like yours

  6. Hi Melissa... they look great. Just wondering if you could give me some advice on the cake pops.
    My daughter is getting married in August and wants the bride and groom cake pops for the guests.
    I have made some before but I am by no means an expert. The ones I made for the baby shower they seem to have oil coming out of them after awhile.
    Do you have any tips and do you use a cake mix and homemade icing. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Jackie
    I do have the cake pop book from Bakerella.

  7. Jackie, I don't know about Melissa, but I froze mine w/ the sticks in them before I dipped them in the chocolate. It seemed to help.

  8. My first cake pop was one I made myself and now I make them all the time. Just picked up blue and white candy for a baby shower luncheon next week. They are always the biggest hit - I wowed all of my co-workers a few weeks ago. I have made a few variations, though; my most important one was using chocolate frosting with chocolate cake. I've sometimes seen the recipe call for white frosting and I have found that the chocolate/chocolate combo tastes better. I also love dyeing white cake mix before baking and using vanilla frosting - it's fun to bite into a pink cake pop! I also cut my pop sticks in half, then let them dry with the stick upright. They look pretty when you put them all in a glass bowl. I have also found that they taste best when they are cold, right out of the fridge. And I don't bother with homemade icing because it's usually a little too dry - canned frosting is much wetter which helps the cake stick. I could go on - I love making these things! Yours are beautiful!

  9. those look amazing! I made chocolate/chocolate, and strawberry/vanilla. they are the best thing ever!

  10. I just stumbled on your blog and I love it! I love baking and am trying to build a business out of I am learning a lot from you. It is a little difficult to get some ingredients that you use (like colored candy melts) but I can see the possibilities. Never tried a cake pop but it sounds like something I should try this weekend!