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Monday, May 23, 2011

Cookies for a Lawyer

I continue to have such original requests from one customer who has lawyers and doctors to congratulate!  Isn't that exciting?  This order was from the same lady who ordered Scrubs for a Doctor cookies. Remember those? 

The challenging part of making these cookies was finding a design that could be made without using a Kopykake projector, since I do not own one...yet! And, finding an original design that fit the request. In the end, I made two different cookies: one with a gavel and another with a scale of justice.

These are the images I used for each cookie.

For the cookies with the gavels on them, I first  piped and flooded each sugar cookie with green royal icing.

Then, I used Wilton Food Writer Edible Color pens to add the details.

For the scale of justice cookies I followed the same steps but piped and flooded white royal icing.
Then used a blue edible marker to add the details.

Then I packaged up the cookies and they were ready to be delivered.
Congratulations Mark!


  1. Hey Melissa,

    How did you add the details on the cookies? They look wonderful .Great job as always

  2. So cute! As a lawyer, I had fun reading this post:)

  3. Great design ideas for the cookies. I'm sure the new lawyer loved them.

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