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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Doctor Bag Cookies

I made these cookies for a recent graduate.  Can you tell that he is now a doctor?! I tried to make different looking doctor cookies than these cookies.

I searched online for different images of doctor bags.  This is the one that my design was based on.

To make these cookies, I used my favourite sugar cookie recipe and a square cookie cutter. Before baking, I added a lollipop stick to each cookie to make each one into a cookie pop. To make the doctor bag on top of the royal icing, I used an edible pen to draw the image onto the cookie like I did here. Then, I traced over it with black royal icing.  

Finally, I used an edible ink pen to write Dr. Daniel Abramowitz below each doctor bag.

Each cookie was individually wrapped.

Congrats Dr. Abramowitz!


  1. The new Dr. will love these cookies! Great job on the medical bags.

  2. These are my favorite cookies yet!

  3. Hi Mel.
    How are you? You haven't been on for a while. I've missed your posts.