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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Party Cookies

Merry Christmas! 
I wonder if a new purse or a fancy pair of shoes is on your wish list.

I couldn't help but buy this adorable set of Fashionista Cookie Cutters from Kitchen Stuff Plus a few weeks ago. I only used two of the five cutters that come in the set, but I just love them!  They are perfect for a shoe-a-holic like me, and I'm sure, like many of you too!

I baked these cookies just in time to be inspired by Marion, from Sweetopia.  Her post on Diva Claus Decorated Cookies was great! Her decorated cookies and designs are always fabulous. 

I have to admit...for these cookies, I did use my own white royal icing, but the red and green icing was leftover from gingerbread house making. I was not too impressed with the quality of the pre-made red and green icing, so these designs are certainly not my best. Nonetheless, I still think the cookies are pretty darn cute!

How about this duo for your Christmas Party?  I would actually wear these shoes...if they came in my size!

Or these?

Not too sure about this combo...but it's still cute!

I love, love, love, shoes!

So tell many pairs of shoes and/or purses do you have hangin' around in your closet?

For the recipe I use to make sugar cookies, click here.
To make these cookies even more festive you could make and decorate gingerbread cookies.
For the recipe I use to make royal icing, click here.
To learn how create feathered stripes of wet flood, click here.

Happy Holidays!


  1. LOL I have the same shoe cookie cutter! I bought it to make cookies for my mother who adores shoes also... re how may shoes do I have? I hate buying shoes and stick to the same ones all the time. I own about 10 pairs of shoes varying from office shoes to rainboots to New Rocks and sneakers. But I still love shoe cookies (that have been in demand at work once the girls found out about them, now I'm baking for every birthday!)

  2. So gorgeous and festive! I would definitely BUY a pair if they came in my size...I guess I'll just have to make 'em and eat them too..

  3. Every woman needs a few great shoes and matching purses! Cute cookies.