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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Reindeer Cake Pops

Happy Holidays! I'm Rudolph, and this is my buddy Dancer.  Mel created her own original version of us from Bakerella's new cookbook, Cake Pops! If you continue to read, you will learn how we can be made, "Mel style!"

Reindeer Cake Pops
(Adapted from Cake Pops, By Bakerella)

Materials you will need:
20 uncoated cake balls
1 pound chocolate candy coating
Deep, microwave-safe plastic bowl
20 lollipop sticks
20 pretzel sticks cut in half, but miniature alphabet E, F and Y shaped alphabet pretzels are recommended
Styrofoam block
20 skittles (red and purple)
Black edible-ink pen 

To decorate:

First, Mel had to bake a cake.  She decided to use half of a white cake mix to form our heads.  She created crumbs by brushing two quarters of cake together into a bowl.

The crumbs and work station looked like this.
After adding and mixing about two spoonfuls of vanilla frosting to the crumbs to bind the crumbs together, 20 cake balls (a.k.a our heads) began to take shape.  Mel put us into the freezer for about 20 minutes.  Boy was it cold in there! We managed to survive the Arctic-like temperatures and were then dunked into melted chocolate candy melts. Yippee! I loved swimming in chocolate! I felt like Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Once my friends and I escaped from the pool of chocolate, our skittle noses were immediately attached. Some of them red and the others purple.
The ability to see and to communicate was ours at last! Mel used royal icing and purple sprinkles for eyeballs and an edible marker for our mouths! This time, her marker did not work so well, so she is thinking about buying the Americolor Food Marker Writers for next time.

We couldn't hear a thing since Mel forgot all about our pretzel ears. She left us earless for over an hour until she returned from the grocery store. To her disappointment, they did not have the recommended alphabet shaped pretzels to use as ears, so she settled for pretzel sticks. I felt like I was getting an ear infection as she glued the pretzel sticks to my head.  She used additional melted chocolate as glue to adhere them onto our chocolate heads!

Peek-a-boo! Are you still listening?
  Major close up!  Of my ears of course...Just in case you couldn't see them in the last shot!

So there you have it...Mel has completed us!
All of us! And sadly, we will soon disappear.

Into the tummies of little boys like Ryan and big boys like Rich.

Ready.  1, 2, 3, and...Bite!

Happy Holidays!
(By the way, if anyone knows where I can find alphabet pretzels in Toronto, it would be great to know for next time!)


  1. How exciting that you got to spend all that time with 'bakerella'! what fun!!

    I found some alphabet pretzels at the superstore - the blueline packaging...

    I'm in British Columbia...but I'm thinking they should have them there too!

    Enjoy <3

  2. OMG, I love your creativity and should write a kids book and then I can come to your book signing at William Sonoma. Love, Mom

  3. So cute! You did a great job on the reindeer. Don't worry about the alphabet pretzels. Rudolph and Dancer were young reindeer so I don't think their antlers had grown to full size anyway! LOL
    Enjoy the delicious efforts of all your hard work.

  4. President's Choice sells Alphabet Pretzels!! It's part of their Blue Menu line and they are multigrain! They are great, I use them in my homemade party mix!

  5. Hi Mel! I've looked all over for an easy icing recipe, and I found this. What do you think?

    3 cups confectioner's sugar
    4 tablespoons milk
    1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

    Sieve the sugar and pour milk (with vanilla extract)until the desired consistency. And that's it :P


  6. We couldn't find alphabet letters in Texas either! We just used the twisted pretzels & broken them in half, I saw a recipe in Woman's World for reindeer truffles & they used the entire mini twist for each antler.

  7. How cute! Buuuuut..... the antlers are not ears... they can't hear out of them! :-)