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Friday, December 17, 2010

Unique Gingerbread Houses (made by my Grade 6 students)

My students had a blast this morning, constructing and designing their own gingerbread houses.

They used lots of these...

And I pre-made many of these.

And there was no shortage of these!

But only two groups won these...

Check out how great all of their houses turned out.

So colorful.

This one was definitely the sturdiest.

I loved the detail added to both of these ones.

Loved this one!

This was the winning house, voted by the kids as their most favourite.

Check out the car made out of gummies.  Isn't it adorable?!

Great job grade 6's! 
Happy Holidays! 


  1. What fun!! They all did a great job so I know judging was hard but the gummy car is pretty unique. Love all their creativity though and I'm sure they enjoyed that fun holiday activity.

  2. I have to agree with the votes, that garage is pretty sweet. I'll admit a couple of these look better than the gingerbread house I made this year, and we'll just say I have a -few- more years of practice on these guys... lol

  3. What lucky students. That would be a great activity for them.

  4. What a great teacher to have her class to this activity! What a wonderful group of creative students you have.

  5. cute! Will you be posting the recipe for the white filling for those? = )

  6. The icing I made to hold the graham crackers together is the same royal icing that I use to pipe my sugar cookies. Copy and paste the link below into your browser for the recipe I use to make royal icing.

  7. Wow! Those are awesome gingerbread houses, especially knowing they were made by grade 6 students. I think we did that in grade six, but I don't think ours came out anything like that... It must be the great teacher they have. :-)